Digital Marketing for Political campaigns in India

From 1990’s to 2020, the Election campaigning mechanism has drastically changed throughout the world with major winning result impact in Top countries like United States of America, United Kingdom, India, Australia, Japan, China, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore and lot more countries trying to adopt it as the future of Election marketing tactics with partnering with Political Analyst, Political consultants and working with companies, agencies for Political election management services.

Which is the Best Political Digital Marketing Agencies in India?

Political Analytics India (PAI) is Best Political Digital Marketing company to help Politicians, Political Party to shape better and to create more visibility in online digital medium space. We have team of Social Media Marketers and Digital Marketers especially trained well in handling Social Media profiles for Politician(MP, MLA), Political party accounts.

Political Digital Marketing Agency in India – Political Analytics

What Digital Marketing services does Political Analytics India offer to Election campaign management?

Step by step approach for developing the strong growth of Political Party and Politicians in Digital medium:

Choosing a Right Domain Name:

Creating a Digital domain name is key to success for launching online campaigning. There will be lot of domain extensions available in the world. Since, choosing the right domain is still a confusing part for many corporate, startups too. Here, we will help to guide you choose the right domain name. This helps you to standout of the competitions in your constituency. Political Analytics India is backed up with a own Digital Marketing company with experts have combined experience of overall 45 years in Digital Marketing domain have worked with various companies and brand like Google and others.

Creating a Website:

Once after choosing the right domain name, you will get the website works to be done by our professionally skilled internal Software development team. Website for Politicians will designed with having more responsive features to easily reach and access by their party followers, cadres and to open to everyone. Politician and Political party websites will have blog feature including a CMS. (Content Management System) in it. Linking to social media profiles, Politicians Photo gallery, Contact politicians feature and lot more to enable the Digital Transformation in Political system in India for Election campaign management.

Political Branding:

Branding is very important in terms of “Political” and Political party. It is almost similar to “Personal Branding” for Politicians. We create your branding as High class popular in terms of creating your own Identity in defining the Branding for Indian Politicians. We, Political Analytics do a combine services with “Digital Marketing & Digital Branding” strategies to improve the effective reach of your personal growth to the voters in your region/constituency.

The Role of Digital Marketing in Political Campaigns.

Political Marketing campaigns has witnessed a huge growth with in Digital marketing technology sector in India. Political parties now a days started promoting their Election Ads through Online.

“Political Analytics” is expert in handling Indian Politicians Social Media Profiles.

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What??? Experts in Digital Marketing? Nowaday, you can see lot of people claiming them as a Digital Marketing Experts in India (or) Digital Marketing Expert in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

How to Fact check them, that they are legitimate experts in Digital Marketing?
Check for their industry experiences. (Nowdays, after a month of experience claiming that they are experts).
In simple terms, ask your Jii Boom Bhaa.(Google). Searching in Google will tells you everything.
i) Simple hack – Google your query.
Eg: Google “Digital Marketing expert in Chennai” like that including your city name or by adding your state name by “Digital Marketing expert in Tamil Nadu

Political Analytics is the No:1 Political Election Campaign Management company in Chennai, Tamil Nadu – India.

Digital Election is the new term defining the election promotions using Digital technologies.

Promoting Politicians and Political Party campaign advertisements in the Internet World using:

  • Social media Ads. (Facebook Ads, Twitter Promotion, YouTube, Instagram)
  • Search Engine Ads. (Google Ads)
  • PPC Ads.
  • Display Ads.
  • Video Ads.
  • Re marketing Ads.
  • Viral Social Media Ad Promotions.
  • PR Promotions.
  • Blog promotion Ads.

Social Media Marketing for Political parties in India

Initially, National Parties like BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) has started for their Digital Promotions in Indian General Election 2014 won by Prime minister Narendra Modi.

Real facts on Social Media Marketing trend in Indian Politics:

Both, BJP’s Narendra Modi and Election management company has partnered to make Modi win the 2014 General Elections.

Recently, during the 2019 Indian General Election most of the Political parties are started implementing their identity in Digital Medium. But, who won? That’s the matter. It made loss of crores of rupees for various political parties and candidates.

Why to choose and hire Political Campaign management company for Elections?

Nowadays, each political party has started their IT wing (Information technology) wing. Most of the IT wing cadres are educated and experienced in their sector. But in terms of Political Analytics, we have an integrated team for all the technology experts handling all the piece of information from our research team.

Benefits of Hiring Political Election Campaign Management company:

We, Political Analytics India are experienced in Political Niche in Tamil Nadu, India.

  • Experts in Managing High Budgets.
  • Professional Content developers.
  • Professional Designers for SMART Political Campaigns.
  • Future of “Digital Election“.
  • Verified Social Media Experts in Political Campaigning.
  • Talented in “Election Statistics“.
  • Target the right audience for your promotions.
  • Data driven experts in initiating “Election Ads“.
  • Implementing some secret Political Marketing strategies with it. (Mail us for more details)
  • Platform for Technology enabled “Election Promoter“.

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